Flooring natural rubber and mats for cows

IDS AGRI has developed very elaborate mats for cows, technical and adapted to each area of your barn. Thus we offer a wide range of agricultural mats and floor coverings: cubicle mats and mattresses, walkway mats, milking parlor flooring… tailored to your needs. Whether for bedding, circulation, milking parlors or transport, we ensure that each of our products respects animal safety and well-being, thus promoting their productivity.

Our Mats for cows: suitable for every use

In order to meet the needs of farmers, and therefore animal comfort, we have developed ranges of robust, comfortable and safe mats:


Improve the comfort and well-being of your cattle with our cubicle mats and mattresses, so that they are more productive. Our mats for cows guarantee their safety thanks to their anti-slip function. They also ensure good hygiene in your barn and thus save straw or sand.



Promote movement and prevent animals from falling when passing through corridors or waiting areas thanks to our non-slip agricultural flooring. Indeed, our mats reduce animal stress and help maintain good hygiene in the structure. They are very easy to install and very reliable.


Milking parlor

Facilitate access to your milking parlor with our non-slip flooring. They are very flexible and thus guarantee safe and comfortable access to your cows when they are standing for a long time.



Avoid slipping and improve transport conditions for your animals with our transport mats. Our coatings are suitable for the decks and floors of livestock trailers to facilitate the loading and transport of cows but also to protect the floor of your vehicles.


The advantages of our flooring for dairy farming

Your cows spend up to 14 hours lying down each day to ruminate and rest. By opting for IDS cubicles mattresses in your freestall, you offer your animals optimal sleeping comfort and reduce your bedding needs.

Our non-slip flooring make it possible to secure walkways, limiting the risk of injury and falls. As a result, veterinary costs and reforms are significantly reduced. By minimizing the stress associated with slipping, the rubber floor coverings also facilitate movement between stalls, feeding tables and drinkers. In addition, they allow a better expression of natural behaviors and in particular the detection of heat.

Agricultural floor coverings are subject to great stress during their use. This is why we pay particular attention to their quality in order to offer you reliable and robust products. They are therefore tested and guaranteed. All our products are delivered with installation instructions (or available for download on our product sheets).

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