accessories for cows in the barn

We have various accessories to best equip your farm and thus provide additional comfort to the cows. Cubicles, corner protections, non-slip flooring for tractor cabins, footbaths or scrapper strips, we can offer you products for the comfort, safety or hygiene of your animals.

Why use our accessories in your agricultural structures?

Our cubicle accessories guarantee comfort and safety for your cattle.

For your agricultural needs, IDS has created accessories guaranteeing impeccable safety and hygiene in your barn. Thus you protect your herd from any injury or discomfort and at the same time you preserve your building.

Discover the advantages of each flooring:

The rubber brisket board allow cows to unfold their front legs in the cubicle without risk of injury.

The straps, on the other hand, block cows at the front of the cubicles while allowing them to unfold their legs.
The rubber protections are installed in the wall angles or the protruding corners and protect the animal from any injury.
The rubber scrapper strips fit on all manure scrappers and allow very good quality scraping.
The disinfectant footbath cleans your shoes thoroughly, thus eliminating bacteria before entering areas where hygiene must be impeccable.

Our other ranges of mats for cattle

With IDS, you are bound to find the flooring that meets your needs. Indeed, you will find below our other types of mats in the field of agriculture: