Our cattle truck mats

In order to improve the transport conditions of your cows, we offer rubber mats for cattle truck . We provide the best solution: tailor-made. Thus, all our rubber flooring or bridges are available in the length of your choice. Also our flooring can cover not only the floor of vehicles but also their walls.

Mats for cattle transport

Our rubber coverings are perfectly suited for animal transport. Their adherent and non-slip surface reduces the risk of slipping when loading or unloading trailers, as well as the risk of falling during transport.

We have suitable coatings for the deck and for the floor of livestock trailers but also for trucks or vans.

Why use a rubber coating for the floor of your livestock trucks?

Our mats provide optimum comfort for animals while reducing their stress during the journey. Indeed, an unsuitable vehicle floor covering can cause injuries, premature wear of trailers but also increase the frequency and cost of maintenance.
Then, it should be noted that for this type of surface, custom-made is by far the best solution so that the watertightness is effective. In fact, for total waterproofing, the flooring must rise on the walls.

This soft floor also preserves the joints and constitutes a real bulwark against the risk of slipping. In addition, very resistant, our mats withstand the harshest constraints associated with the transport of cattle.

Our mats are perfect for transporting your cows
Our coatings provide real sound insulation. Thus, they reduce the noise of trampling and therefore the stress it causes in the animal. In addition, thanks to their non-slip surface, slipping is avoided. The cows climb more easily and more securely into the trailer.

Installing a rubber floor covering in your cattle trailers or vans helps to protect them from abnormal wear or mold due to lack of waterproofing. Indeed, for optimal sealing, the flooring must go up on the walls of the livestock trailer.

Our coatings also facilitate maintenance related to cleaning. Indeed, they are resistant to high pressure jets but also to detergents and disinfectants.

Our rubbers for livestock truck decks attach easily with glue for aluminum decks. On the other hand, they will be fixed with screws for wooden bridges.
The rubbers adapted to cattle trailers are either laid freely or glued.

Our products have a very long lifespan thanks to their high resistance to wear and the constraints associated with animal transport.

Our other ranges of mats for cattle

With IDS, you are bound to find the flooring that meets your needs. Indeed, you will find below our other types of mats in the field of agriculture: