Our walkway mats for cows

IDS AGRI offers you specific walkway mats for cows so that they can move around in complete safety. Our walkway mats are non-slip, hygienic and comfortable. They are easily installed in circulation aisles, scraped corridors, waiting areas and also milking parlor’s docks.

Flooring for cow circulation

Our floor coverings allow a more natural movement of the cows, thus their well-being is enhanced while reducing stress. Cattle performance is also improved and veterinary costs reduced. Our high quality mats are durable over time. Indeed, they are very robust, comfortable, easy to maintain and install.

Why choose our walkway mats for cow?

Our traffic mats for agricultural livestock have many advantages
Thanks to their non-slip rubber surface, our flooring significantly reduce the risk of animals slipping or falling. This better stability allows the cows to move more freely and without stress in the buildings, in particular to go eat or drink more regularly. We also notice a better expression of natural behaviors, it is thus easier to detect heat.
Our mats are easy to install. For better adaptation within your farm, they can be cut to length. Assembly instructions are provided.
Our walkway mats are easy to maintain. They are designed to optimize drainage. In addition, they are compatible with most scrapers and washable with pressure washers.
We attach great importance to our flooring quality. We ensure that they are durable, abrasion resistant and non-stretching for the safety of your herd.

Our other ranges of mats for cattle

With IDS, you are bound to find the flooring that meets your needs. Indeed, you will find below our other types of mats in the field of agriculture: