Floor coverings and Mats for horses

Our mats for horses improve horse health and performance. Indeed, the conditions of relaxation, training and transport are really optimized.

Thus, the use of our flooring for stables improves the well-being of the animal, their safety and the maintenance of the stables.
We also design floor coverings that can be integrated into different locations in the stable: box mats, mats for walkways and grooming areas, shower mats, transport mats, etc. Whether for stalls, grooming, walkers or for transport, we ensure that each of our products respects the safety and well-being of horses.

Rubber mats for stables adapted to various uses

We attach great importance to our products, which is why we have developed ranges of robust, comfortable and safe mats:


We have stable mats that improve the comfort and well-being of your horses, so that they perform better. Thus, the safety of your horses is guaranteed thanks to their anti-slip function. They also and above all ensure impeccable hygiene of your boxes.


Walkways and grooming

We benefit from non-slip rubber mats to prevent horses from falling when passing through stable aisles or grooming areas. They help in particular to maintain good hygiene in the equestrian structure. They are also very easy to install and very reliable.


Shower and walker

We offer floor coverings suitable for showers and walkers. Our rubber gratings will therefore secure your showers. For walkers, our duckboards also help avoid ruts. Finally, they can also be used as outdoor ground stabilizers.



Our transport mats are suitable for decks or the floors of vans or trucks. They make it possible to improve transport conditions, but also to protect the floors.


The advantages of our horse mats

We pay particular attention to our products quality in order to offer safe products for your horses.

Our products are suitable for every use

Our professional flooring significantly improve animal welfare, safety and performance. They thus reduce the risk of injury, limit veterinary costs and daily maintenance work in the stables.

Quality products

All our products are therefore tested. Some are installed by our team of professionals and others are easy to set up with the help of our installation instructions.

In addition, IDS products are made of rubber. This natural material is produced from the latex secreted by a tree: the rubber tree. Thus, natural rubber is the product resulting directly from the transformation of latex. It is therefore very resistant to abrasion and remains flexible even in the event of frost or prolonged exposure to U.V.

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