Our mats for horse shower and walker

Our mats for horse shower make it possible to secure the showering areas of the horses thanks to their non-slip function. They also allow a better water evacuation thanks to their draining function.

We also design custom floor coverings for walkers. The flexibility of the rubber makes it possible to absorb shocks and thus preserve the joints of the horses while respecting your floors. Indeed, the installation of a rubber coating in your horse walker will prevent the formation of ruts caused by the repetitive passage of horses.

Rubber mats for horse shower:

Non-slip and draining, our floor coverings make it possible to secure horse shower areas while ensuring rapid water drainage. This reduces the risk of falls and your floors always stay clean.

Floor coverings for the horse walker:

Thanks to the rubber flexibility, our mats help to absorb shocks, thus preserving the joints of the horses. They also prevent the formation of ruts.

Why choose our rubber matting for the your horse shower?

Our horse shower mats have various advantages
Thanks to our mats, the showers in your stables always keep a clean look. Indeed, it is a place that must be very hygienic for your horses. The cleaning is done very quickly thanks to a quick water jet after each passage.

Our rubber shower floors come with a non-slip face. Thus, this guarantees horses and riders an optimum grip in wet places where the risk of slipping is present.

Why choose flooring for your horse walkers?

Discover the many advantages of installing our mats

Installing walker flooring reduces your sand consumption. It can even be removed depending on the products you use.

You benefit from a high-performance floor, while reducing your costs.

Our walkers flooring retain the same advantages as sand. Indeed, our products are studied to guarantee a perfect balance between flexibility and hardness, in order to preserve the joints of your horses.

Our floor mats guarantee better maintenance for your walkers due to the absence of ruts dug by the repetitive passage of horses.

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