Our transport mats for horses

Our horse trailer mats adapt perfectly to the floors and decks of vans or trucks.

Made of rubber, they allow you to load and transport your horses in complete safety thanks to their non-slip surface.
We also offer wall matting for your vans or trucks. They provide optimal comfort and protection thanks to their foam padding.
In order to compensate for premature wear of the floors and walls of your vehicles, it is important to protect them with suitable mats.

Transport mats for horses: van and truck

Light and robust, our flooring is specially designed to facilitate the loading of horses into trailers and trucks. In addition, the wall protection ensures an excellent level of safety for your horses throughout transport.

Why choose a floor mat for your vans and trucks?

We advise you to equip your vans and trucks with rubber flooring for different reasons
Our transport mats for horses are non-slip. They thus make it possible to secure the transport of your horses.Our wall matting come with foam. They therefore provide additional safety during long distances.

Installing rubber mats increases the durability of your van and truck floors, preventing premature wear and tear.

This makes it possible to reinforce the waterproofing while facilitating cleaning.

They are resistant to high pressure jets but also to detergents and disinfectants.

Our rubber flooring easily attaches with glue or screws to wooden or aluminum decks.

Our other ranges of flooring for horses

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