Our stable floor mats - walkways & grooming areas

Our stable floor mats are ideal for securing your horses in your walkways and grooming areas since they are non-slip and shock-absorbing. They avoid the risk of possible slips while soundproofing the aisles of your stables. Indeed, the echoes are reduced when the horses pass, making the environment more peaceful.

Rubber flooring helps you keep your stables clean. In addition, they give a well finished aspect to your stable and welcome your customers in excellent conditions.

Our floor mats for stable walkways:

Our non-slip rubber stable tiles and pavers are ideal for horse walkways. Robust and durable, they reduce the risk of falls and stress on horses.

Our stable floor mats for grooming areas:

Our floor coverings effectively secure grooming areas thanks to their non-slip surface. They also allow you to keep a clean environment within your structure, while avoiding the risk of slipping for horses or riders.

Why choose our floor mats for your stable

Our horse flooring has many advantages
The installation of a floor covering in your stable will improve the comfort of your horses. Comfort during its passage, since it will be able to walk freely, without risk of slipping. Thanks to the soundproofing of our mats, this brings calm in the stable and therefore, additional comfort for your horses when they are in their box.
Our mats for walkways and grooming areas are non-slip, which prevents shod horses from slipping on contact with concrete.
Very easy to clean, our mats help keep walkways and grooming areas clean. In addition, thanks to the mats, any urine or droppings stains cannot be seen and do not mark, unlike a concrete slab.
All our mats are tested and approved by IDS AGRI.

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