Our agricultural mats for piglets and pigs

To ensure the proper development of your piglets, we have developed sleeping mats for pigs and piglets. Thus they will be able to evolve in a comfortable, healthy and warm environment.

Our comfort mats for piglets

Our floor covering are extremely comfortable to promote the growth and proper development of piglets, from birth to adolescence. Made of rubber, they are non-slip thanks to their hammered surface. Also, they are very good thermal insulators, so the piglets are not in contact with the cold ground. Our two models are made to measure, so they adapt perfectly to different surfaces or configurations.

Why choose rubber flooring for your piglets?

Piglets are fragile at birth, which is why it is important that they evolve in a healthy and warm environment.
Our coatings take these requirements into account
Our sleeping mats allow piglets to be comfortably settled to sleep, suckle or stand up. In order to protect the piglets from the cold, our mats are thermally insulating, which allows the heat to be returned

Thanks to our floor covering, the environment of the piglets is preserved, they are in a clean and healthy place. Indeed, our mats are draining so moisture does not stay on our mats, bacteria do not proliferate. In addition, it is very easy to clean our rubber mats: a simple rinsing with a water jet, a high-pressure jet or with cleaning products is sufficient.

Our floor coverings do not require gluing or screwing. They are easy to handle and sit freely. On the other hand, there is no risk that the piglets can move them.
Our rubber sleeping mats are very robust and very resistant. They do not deteriorate over time because at IDS we opt for durable and functional products.