Our bedding mats for cows and mattresses cubicle

Our range of bedding mats for cows can meet different needs. All are designed to improve animal well-being and comfort. They offer maximum comfort, safety and hygiene to your cows. Indeed, our rubber cubicle mats are very flexible. Some of them are made of latex memory foam for even more comfort.

Mattresses ans bedding mats for cows

Your cows spend an average of 14 hours a day lying in the stalls to ruminate and rest. So they need optimal bedding comfort to be productive. Our cubicle mats and mattresses are designed to offer excellent sleeping comfort and good hygiene. Thanks to the integrated slopes, they allow the natural flow of urine and manure outside the cubicles.

Beyond improving sleeping comfort and reducing litter consumption, rubber cubicle mats and mattresses have proven their effectiveness in reducing the number of mastitis and cases of large hocks.

Accessories for cubicles:

In addition to our range, we have various accessories designed for the well-being, comfort and safety of your cows.

Why Choose Our Agricultural cubicle Mats?

Our range of freestall mats for cattle can meet multiple needs. Whether cubicle mattresses or roll versions, our flooring really improve cow well-being and comfort thanks to their flexibility.

In addition, their non-slip surface prevents animals from falling. Cattle injure themselves less and feel more relaxed. Thanks to the integrated slope at the back of our mats, the natural flow of manure is facilitated. Thus, the sleeping area dries faster and remains healthy.

The comfort of our mats makes it easier and painless for your cows to lie down and get up. So they keep the natural rhythm they have in the field. Our bedding mats for cattle optimize maintenance costs, straw consumption and working time.

Our cow bedding mats and mattresses have many advantages

The comfort of our mats allows your cows to lie down and get up easily and painlessly. Thus, they maintain the natural rhythm they have in the field, allowing them to produce milk of optimum quality.
The non-slip top surface of our mats helps to limit lameness and cow stress during their movements. Our mats thus facilitate movement between the stalls and the feeding table or drinkers. This leads to better well-being and better performance for the animal.

Our bedding mats for cows reduce maintenance costs, straw consumption and therefore working time for barn cleaning. Evacuation of urine is easy and in addition, the mats can be cleaned with a high-pressure jet wash.

Also, the rubber cubicle mats can effectively fight against cases of mastitis.

Our flooring are highly resistant to crushing. They are all tested and guaranteed to assure you impeccable product quality and excellent durability.

Our other ranges of mats for cattle

With IDS, you are bound to find the flooring that meets your needs. Indeed, you will find below our other types of mats in the field of agriculture: