Our milking parlor mats for cows

At IDS AGRI, we design and develop soft, non-slip mats for the milking parlor. Specially designed to prevent injuries to the claws, our draining coatings allow your cows to evolve in a dry environment and therefore healthier for their feet.

Perfect mats for milking parlor

Our floor coverings are made to measure, so that they can be perfectly adapted to your milking parlours. Indeed, composed of 100% natural rubber, they are very flexible which guarantees optimal support according to the movements of the animal. Thanks to the comfort and stability provided by our floors, your cows will be more relaxed and therefore more productive.

Interlocking slabs suitable

Quick to install, our tiles clip or fit together to facilitate their installation. They are installed on concrete slabs or worn tiles. Made of natural rubber or PVC, our slabs insulate against the cold and the noise of footsteps in your milking parlors. Therefore, they promote the comfort of your cows and their productivity. In addition, they can be installed at the bottom of the pit or in your dairy to improve your working conditions, in particular thanks to their anti-fatigue action.

Why choose our milking parlor mats?

By using our mats, you offer your cattle comfort, safety and well-being. Non-slip, they prevent injuries to the hoof. Draining, they are clean, thus avoiding hoof pathologies. Cows are more confident, they feel secure and comfortable.

Our floor coverings perfectly meet the natural requirements of cattle
Thanks to their natural rubber structure, our flooring are relatively flexible and therefore very comfortable for cows. In addition, they reduce the noise of trampling, insulate against the cold and make the floors less wet and less slippery. All this with the aim of promoting the well-being of your animals which will give you a better milk yield.
The top surface of our milking parlor mats is non-slip. Indeed, they are designed to avoid the risk of injury and therefore reduce your veterinary costs.
Most of our coverings are placed on concrete slabs or tiles. Thus, they adapt easily to any surface.
Our draining flooring always stay clean. The feet are in a drier and healthier environment. Thus, dermatitis or Mortellaro’s disease are avoided but also the concerns of discomfort or imbalance related to wet floors. Our milking parlors mats are very easy to clean with a high-pressure jet wash. They are very resistant to detergents and disinfectants.

We attach great importance to the quality of our products. Their durability is recognized, whether you choose an economical or more upscale flooring.

They allow you to reduce:

  • Your maintenance costs
  • Your working time
  • And your veterinary expenses

They allow you to improve:

  • The welfare of your cows
  • The quantity and quality of milk produced by your cows

Our other ranges of mats for cattle

With IDS, you are bound to find the flooring that meets your needs. Indeed, you will find below our other types of mats in the field of agriculture: