Our mats for box

In order to promote the constant well-being of your horses, we have many mats for box.

Thus, all our mats meet several essential needs: comfort, safety and hygiene. In addition, by installing a mat in the box, the objective is to significantly reduce its consumption of litter while keeping a clean and healthy box. Our mats also make it possible to secure your boxes and prevent horses from slipping with their horseshoes on the rough concrete. Finally, our mats bring real comfort to your horses and better muscle recovery.

Our comfortable mats for box:

Our floor mats for boxes ensure optimal sleeping comfort, muscle and tendon rest. They also provide good thermal insulation. In addition, our floor coverings offer better hygiene thanks to faster drying of the floor following the runoff of urine on the rubber.

Why choose our box mats for your horses?

You are advised to equip your boxes with a rubber matting for various reasons.
The installation of flooring in a horse box will improve the comfort of your horse. This will guarantee him a good muscular recovery after efforts while preserving him against tendinopathies.
Our mats are non-slip, so shod horses do not slip on contact with concrete.
Our box matting can significantly reduce your litter consumption. Your maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
Our flooring help keep horse stables clean and thus preserve the horses’ hooves. Indeed, thanks to their composition, urine flows and dries easily. The coatings can be cleaned very easily with a simple water jet or a high-pressure jet.
Our entire range of flooring is tested and approved by IDS AGRI

Our other ranges of flooring for horses

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